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It’s Free


There are no subscription or listing costs for Owners. We add a small commission on top of your prices, which clients pay.


We grow your revenue.

Get high-quality bookings all year round through our network



We advertise your property through our brand across multiple sites and networks. These include portals, smaller boutique sites, and our private network of return clients and travel agencies. Clients are screened, and the property address is released only after the booking is confirmed. Once the booking is confirmed, we put you in touch with the client in order to arrange the checkin*

*If you are located in Paris, then please contact us regarding our full property management service where we do the checkin, checkout, and cleaning. If you are outside Paris and require this extra service, we would be happy to refer you to our partners who provide this type of service.


Payment Processing


Many websites still make the owners process the payments, which can be time consuming and frustrating. Those days are over. We process all payments, which are released 24 hours after client checkin. Done.


Your Own Website (Free)

Ever member of our network has access to their free website in order to feature their property (or properties). You account gives you access to a user friendly website which you can easily customize. Or course, no programming knowledge is needed, and we are always there to help just in case.


Finally, only one Almighty calendar


Listing your property on several sites is not only time consuming. When bookings come in, you have to update the calendar on all the other sites in order to avoid double bookings. With designerstay, you just have one almighty calendar. It will automatically sync with all the other websites and networks that your property is on. If you would like to continue to manage your property on a site on your own, like for example on airbnb, then we can give you a special link (called an ical link) which can be added to your account in order to automatically update your calendar there too.