Designerstay top restaurant picks

A foodie in Paris is like a small kid in a candy store- it’s hard to know where to begin. France is incontestably one of the worlds finest cuisine capitals. We’ve compiled this list over the years, which does not focus on France’s top gastronomic restaurants (just consult the Michelin guide for that) but rather authentic cuisine from a variety of regions with great quality/price ratio. Send us your favorites and we will be more than happy to try them out, if we haven’t already. Bon appétit!


Name: La Coupole
Address: 102 Boulevard du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris (metro Vavin)

A traditional, iconic French restaurant that does the French classics perfectly and also has unusually good service.

Average price around 30-40 eur per person

Name: Le Marche
Address: 2,Place du Marche Sainte Catherine, 75004 Paris (metro St. Paul)

Traditional French restaurant in very charming square in the marais district

Average price around 20-25 euros per person

Name: La Closerie des Lilas

Address: 171 Boulevard du Montparnasse, 75006 Paris (metro Raspail)

Traditional French restaurant with famous bar (where Hemmingway went).

Average price around 60 eur per person

Name: Chez Papa
A small chain of French South Western restuarants. Locations can be viewed here:
Great for duck, foi gras etc.

Average price around 25-30 eur per person

Name: Place du Marche St Honore Restaurants

Address: Place du Marche St. Honore, 75001

Around 15-20 mid to high-end restaurants surround the beautiful Place du Marche St Honore, turning this spot into quite a scene. Mostly French style cuisine (with some Italian) of various variations, they are not the cheapest eats in Paris but are perfect if you want to dine in style. The quality is generally excellent, and some restaurants like Très Honoré have trendy downstairs lounges that stay open late for after dinner drinks as well.

Around 40-45 eur per person

Name: Les diables au Thym

Address: 35 rue Bergère – 75009 Paris

A rare find. French classics with a twist. This restaurant takes some of the best traditional french dishes and adds its own original touch. If you know the classics and are now ready to take it up a notch, you’ll love this place (but be sure to reserve in advance).

Cost: Around 30-40 eur per person

Name: Le Bec Rouge
46 Boulevard du Montparnasse

Hearty Alsace cuisine combined with great service and a cozy ambiance is what got this old favorite on the list. The Choucroute is one of the house specialties, and the steaks are very hard to beat. Prices are reasonable, and they also have a nice selection of traditional Alsatian white wines.

Cost- Around 25-30 eur per person

Name: Bouillon Chartier
7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris

In 1896, Chartier decided to open a restaurant entirely dedicated to workers. Today, the local French dishes at very attractive prices attract all walks of life in Paris to this traditional brasserie. Located close to the main boulevards, the head waiter welcomes you and and seats you in the immense room, which is classified Historical Monument.

Cost: Around 25 eur per person