Our Story

Local Living in style

Designerstay allows you to design your own stay, from stylish homes to guided tours, transfers, babysitting, daily cleaning and even breakfast in bed. Book authentic experiences, and rent a stylish home with all the amenities and services of a hotel. Booking is as easy as reserving a hotel room, and so is the checkin (minus the tourist crowds in a hotel lobby). Avoid the risks of huge portals and websites, and enjoy our professionally managed, handpicked collection of local homes and experiences.

Once upon a time…How it all started

When one of DesignerStay’s founders, Glen, arrived in Paris at his hotel only to find that it was overbooked, he was instead lead to its ugly sister hotel on the other side of town. Tempers flared. As he sat in his generic cubicle room with a scenic view of a brick wall, he decided he deserved better. A few phone calls later, he got the phone number of his mother’s best friend’s daughter, who happened to be spending a year abroad in Paris. It was a lead. Glen called her and she put him in touch with her next door neighbor, who she knew was on vacation in the South. After a nice chat, they made a deal and with another call to the doorman, Glen ended up in an incredible historic apartment half the price of his hotel room per night, and around 5 times the size. It was in the heart of Paris. All he was missing was the chocolates on his pillow and a concierge. DesignerStay was born.