Occupied by Romans for centuries, the Alpilles and Camargue area has layers upon layers of ancient history to discover. We will start in the village of Saint Remy, an historic village built on one of the most ancient archeological sites in Europe.  In 1921 an archeologist unearthed an incredible discovery- an entire Gallo Roman city named “Glanum”.Discover the “Grand Thermes”, a temple, the famous Triumphal Arch, and a vast Mausoleum decorated with scenes from the death of Adonis.

Our lunch recommendation will be an incredible two Michelin star restaurant in a 17th century nobles house on the way to Arles.

After lunch we’ll discover Arles, a city whose beauty has attracted Van Gogh, who lived here, Picasso (whose bullfighting paintings were inspired here) and Gauguin. Visit a Roman theatre which is still used today and one of the best-preserved monuments of Roman Provence, an entire Roman amphitheater,where bullfights take place today.

To top off your Roman conquest, you will visit the Pont du Gard, the largest surviving Roman aqueduct in the world.  One of the greatest civil engineering feats in human history, this mammoth 2,000 year old bridge was build using an ingenious system of pulleys and is the highest one the Romans ever built.

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