The fortified city of Avignon evokes first and foremost its papal history. Upon entering any of the seven doors of the superbly preserved walls, one discovers the city of the Popes, home of the famousPalace of the Popes. Built in the 14th century, this is the largest gothic palace in the world. Continue on to discover the Bridge, the cathedral of the Dom and of course the beautiful city center.

For lunch we will recommend a Michelin starred restaurant which is a former cardinals house. This 18th century provincial house serves fine cuisine with local ingredients and perfect wine pairings.

After lunch, you will discover the most renown wine producer in Avignon, in the town of Chateauneuf du Pape.In the XIVth century Pope Jean XXII chose Chateauneuf as the location for their summer residences, and then decided to plant vines on the stony land which surrounded their landholdings. For a long time the wine production remained a secret ,but it started to become well known in the XVIIIth century. However, it was in 1929 that it was officially recognized and bestowed with its own appellation Châteauneuf du-Pape. This appellation means that the wine production in Châteauneuf du-Papeis subject to strict controls to ensure that the 55 vineyards produce an extremely fine wine.

Enjoy the scenery of this town, which spreads out at the foot of the remains of its fortress.The village looks over the plain and the 3 000 hectares of vinyards. It is almost completely dedicated to its world famous wine. Here all the roads lead to the altar of fine wine, and you will taste some of the finest. Enjoy the narrow streets with their numerous beautiful fountains, including the XIV° century Souspiron fountain. You may also visit the wine makers museum, whichdisplays a large collection of wine making tools and machinery, some of which dates back to the XVI° century.

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