Take a break or come along and enjoy a day in the museums of Paris for kids. From treasure hunts and crayon designs to a variety fun and educational games, there is plenty to do for kids in Paris! Choose from the following museums:


One of Paris’ most famous museums in the world, discoverla Joconde, l’Automne de Giuseppe Arcimboldo, les Noces de Cana, la Victoire de Samothrace, la Vénus de Miloand other works with an guide using an ipad or iphone application especially designed for children in the Louvre! Hunt for 12 paintings and one bonus, make designs of the paintings, or use the “magic lamp” mode to discover the sculptures of the louvre. You can even have your children’s work saved and sent to your email! An original and unforgettable experience for kids.

Paris Science Museum

Enjoy over 20,000 square meteres of exhibitions which are mainly for children, focusing on the fundamentals of science and scientific innovation. Main themes include “The story of the universe”, “Man and his genes”, “mathematics”, “Light games”, “sounds” and “images”. Your children will have a wonderful day playing in a variety of safe and original exhibits designed just for them, as they learn about the world around them. In addition to an Imax theatre and planetarium, there is also an aquarium where they can see 40 species of Mediterranean marine life and a real submarine they can explore!

Grevin Museum

One of the oldest wax museums in Europe, the Grevin Museum has over 450 incredibly realistic characters, from French history to modern day cartoons and TV. From Charlemagne and Albert Einstein to Penelope Cruz and the Petit Price, this museum is sure to amaze and educated your children all at the same time!

Paris Natural History Museum

Created in 1635 and located in the Plants Garden, this museum has hundreds of giant birds, dinasours and insects to discover. Vist the zoo as well as its 19th century tropical glass houses. It also has an entire section devoted to children divided into 4 themes- Cities, Rivers, Tropical Forests, and Planets. As they click on different animals and plants, they “come to life” and tell their story!

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